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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oil and it's Magical Qualities

It was well over a year ago when I read an article about oil pulling. The article said to do this twice a day for 20 minutes each time and recommended using sunflower oil. The act of oil pulling is to use about a tablespoon of oil and pull it through your teeth. The results are cleaner, whiter teeth with reduced plaque. I originally tried sunflower oil but my mouth hated the flavor so I have since started using grape seed oil which has a milder flavor and seems to get the job done. My teeth immediately felt smoother and during a floss less plaque. I oil pull only once a day in the morning. Below is a list of the benefits I have found:

1. less plaque
2. smoother teeth
3. whiter teeth
4. When a sore throat comes on an extra oil pull sends it packing

Oil pulling is said to kill the bacteria and that is what makes it work. As a science nerd that makes perfect sense as the oil will actually change the pH. All organisms need a specific pH to survive, if that pH is altered changing the conditions in their environment (your mouth) they die.

Oil isn't only good for your teeth but your skin as well as I discovered this summer when my face felt dry from the time spent in the pool with all it's chemicals. I'm sure some cultures have been doing this for centuries. I have within the past several months began using olive oil on my skin. For my face I use a dime sized amount and rub it in, after I cover my face with a warm cloth for 30 seconds or so and wash off. My skin is left feeling softer and fully moisturized. I do this once daily. Not only did the olive oil mend my dry skin patches but it equalized the moisture in my face. A small amount of olive oil in the bathtub will moisturize the rest of the body. I am not sure how or why this works but my theory is the oil locks in natural moisture.

I no longer remember the websites I found this information on and wish I had bookmarked them but either way I am sharing the information. Try it for yourself.

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