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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Star Trails Compendium a must read for educators, fans, parents, and students!

I read the entire Star Trails Tetralogy and reviewed it on here but it's not complete with a review of the compendium.

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My Review:
I love science so much that I’ve designated my career to teaching it in the public schools. I discovered Marcha Fox about a year ago and have been a fan since. I’ve read the Star Trails Tetralogy and found the science so sound that her stories are very plausible. They are fiction but she leaves the “what if” doors wide open for one’s imagination. The Compendium is a fantastic guide for the entire Star Trails enthusiast. It includes a glossary, wish I’d had it on hand when I read the books the first time. She includes maps, star facts, a Cyrarian Calmanac, character descriptions and more!

She also includes a section for teachers to work elements of the series into their lesson plans with great fantastic high level questions and explanations for each book and each chapter such as, “What do you think it would be like to be in a black hole?” In the series a black hole is used as a prison. Or, “What are some of the reasons that the habitable planets in an intergalactic society would employ space stations as points of entry?” Good brain questions. The type that get students synapses firing! 

She includes her website which has an entire parents and educators page.

For sci-fi fans, teachers, students, parents the Star Trails Tetralogy and Compendium are a must read!

Website - the link I discuss in the review. Lots of great stuff here!

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  1. Thanks, Elle! Since you're a science teacher I totally value your opinion and appreciate it so much!