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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marcha Fox creator of Stars Trails Tetralogy

I just finished reading A Psilent Place Below by Marcha Fox. This is book three in the series. I know I should always start with book 1 but I was surprised at how easily it was to get into this book. There are clues spread throughout the novel and I didn't experience the 'I'm lost feeling'. I own and will soon be reading the other two books in the series as well as book four which is coming out soon.

My Reviews

Beyond The Hidden Sky by Marcha Fox is a brilliant sci-fi, young adult novel. Creena Brightstar a pre-adult who is a contradiction to her upbringing on Mira 3 where rules and logic dictate society. As a teen who is an Esheronian/ Miran mix she relies on intuition and emotion instead of logic more than is maybe good for her. The Brightstar family is on a transport from their home planet Mira 3 to Cyraria when Creena stumbles upon a pod which sends her on an excursion to Verdaris a planet full of vegetation with few settlements that is in the way of a bombardment of comets. Her father and brother head out for a rescue mission while her mother and youngest brother have to enter a new planet on their own.

The author's colorful and animated word sketches give the reader the feel of actually watching or being right in the mix of the story. She brings personality and quirks to the characters as they develop through expressive descriptions and dialogue. For the series, she creates a whole new language such as cylls- for sleeping, snurkles- a derogatory term, and time is measured in metrics which makes sense as science is based metrically. To go with the series I also definitely recommend the Star Trails Compendium; it's a wonderful reference for the language and Universe March Fox has created in the Star Trails Tetralogogy.

I am an author as well as having taught junior high science for a number of years and think this read would be a fabulous addition to classroom libraries as well as "the hungry for sci-fi lovers" personal bookshelf.

A Dark of Endless Days by Marcha Fox is volume two in the Star Trails Tetralogy. This segment picks up exactly where volume one stopped. The Brightstar family is living on Cyraria-a hot dismal planet with two suns. The blazing heat and high opps creeping up on them they build a cooling system for their ballome and consider heading for cooler ground. Merapa always one step above the law isn’t so fallible and Creena gets stuck on Earth. Her opinions about earth and the descriptions of Earthlings and our society sent me into fits of laughter. A couple new characters drop in on this volume, a bnolar and Win- a friend of Dirck’s to make this story an ever increasingly interesting read.

Fox once again does an exceptional job building character and making her created universe a reality. I can’t turn a page without picturing the story in my mind and visualizing each character. With each novel in this series I read I find myself cringing on the edge of my seat, laughing out loud, and worried for each character.  She gives the reader a bang for their buck.

 A well written book that will not disappoint.

A Silent Place Below by March Fox is an intriguing sci-fi, supernatural action packed read. Two brothers part of the Brightstar Clan must first save their father with the help of their uncle. Soon after they rescue their sister bringing everyone back to the magical tunnels they have sought refuge in. The tunnels give them special psi powers of communication and the ability to see the future. Together they work against INTEGRATION which is quickly sweeping the planet.

Fox’s words are vivid enough to imagine the whole story unfolding on a planet somewhere in the vast universe. She has created an entire world and its inhabitants along with various languages and races that each have unique abilities and qualities. Her extensive knowledge in science is evident in the explanations that are utterly believable. The best part is this book is only one in the Star Trails Tetralogy Series.

Great story for all ages!


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