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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Meet Dennis Rask star of the Rask trilogy by John Tucker

I will first say that John Tucker is merely the creator of Rask, since this time Dennis Rask has formulated his own ideas and opinions which John Tucker is not liable and shall be held harmless. On a personal note. Rask puts Dexter to shame. He is one squirrely psychopath. 

My Review on Divisive

Divisive by John Tucker is arguably one of the best cliffhangers I have ever read. Dennis Rask is a sociopath, who after winning the lottery has preyed on vulnerable families. He sabotages them from the inside out. In Divisive he chooses the Connors a highly dysfunctional mother and two daughters, Emily and Elizabeth. He wraps them all around his swarthy, scum ridden finger, then one by one dismantles their already deteriorated family. A year previous Mr. Connors had passed away and since the mother, Carolyn,  drowned the girls in torment and verbal abuse. Dennis Rask with his sweet words and kind gestures is an angel to the Emily and Elizabeth.

Tucker’s pacing of the novel  runs at a perfect momentum to keep the reader on the edge of their seat contemplating what will happen next, and who is more evil. There are all types of vile characters in this novel, Carolyn may be the most repugnant. The way she treats her daughters is enough for anyone to cheer Rask on. Twists lurk on every page guiding the reader’s emotions and curiosity. I can’t give away any spoilers you will have to read to find the unexpected twists which take this novel spiraling into a sequel.

Can’t wait to read the sequel, awesome read!

Meet Dennis Rask

Elle: Please tell who you are, a little background?    

Dennis: I'm nobody. Just a guy with a dream and a lifetime to do it.  My crazy mother packed my soul with dynamite, my aunt covered me with her filth and, well, when I won the lottery...that just ignited the hatred inside me. Abusive mothers need to die like the scum they are. I wish I had the time to kill every damn one of them. <He laughs.> It's a good thing I'm a decent guy with a pleasant outlook on life, now ain't it? 

Elle: You spend a lot of time traveling from city to city. What are some cities you have visited or want to visit?    

Dennis: I'm a drifter by choice. I love different places, assorted women, and various...games. Small towns make my dick hard. Hogansville, Georgia. Europa, Mississippi. Brownsville, North Carolina. Buckfield, Maine.  God forsaken places where I can find the best people in the world...and get to know them. 

Elle: What is your secret to staying calm even under duress? 

Dennis: I may be calm on the outside but, believe me, my mind's churning like crazy, figuring out how to make a bad situation my bitch. I've seen enough violent arguments to know when to keep my mouth shut, and when to sway the people involved to my side. They say the best way to get into a woman's...heart is to listen to her, and I do that. You get a bitch wrapped around your finger, make her fall for you, you've got that whore for life. She'll do anything you say, as long as it makes me happy. 

Elle: You are quite the ladies man, any advice for those not so fortunate in that department?      

Dennis: Women like three things in a man – confidence, charm, and a big dick. I've got all three.  It don't matter if they're sixteen or sixty. If you can sweet talk them into giving up the goods, they'll be your lapdogs for life. You can pet 'em, beat 'em, screw 'em,  chain 'em in the damn basement. At the end of the day, they belong to you...until you're ready to kick them to the curb.

Elle:  How did you come up with the name Junebug for Emily? 

Dennis: Emily was like a daughter to me.  When I first saw her big smile, her sparkling eyes, and her developing frame, I just came up with it – on the spot.  Women like their nicknames – Beautiful, Princess, Angel – they don't care.  You're paying attention to 'em. If you do it long enough, their legs spread apart like a knife in fresh, creamy butter.  

Elle:  Do you have a favorite food? 
Dennis: I'll eat anything. I do have a certain thing I call dessert.  Some dishes, despite their appearances, have their own flavor. I've had some yummy ones that taste like strawberries, cherries, and lemons. It's one of the few things I like about the variety of my existence. All in all, there's not a bad one in the bunch. I just get to attached to it. Know what I mean? 

Elle:  You spent a lot of time watching 7th Heaven with Emily but what is one of your favorite shows? 

Dennis: I like movies. The violent the better. Blood, guts, rape, death, execution – it's all the same.   I'm sorry to admit this but I get off on porn too. Not the damn cutesy ones with a storyline but the ones with slapping, bondage, strangulation, and whipping.  I think it's healthy to watch things you don't necessarily do in your private life, wouldn't you agree?

Elle:  What games do you like in your spare time?     

Dennis: The ones you put a great deal of time and thought into playing – like chess.  You get into your opponent's mind, study their moves, toy with 'em at times, and then lower the boom on their stupid asses. I admit, it gets boring when you play with idiots, but it makes the endgame and victory so damn sweet.  

You can find Dennis Rask here.
Divisive (The Rask Trilogy) at Amazon

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