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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Meet Amy Kessler author of In the Light of the Moon

I am proud to bring you Amy Kessler author of In the Light of the Moon. She is fabulous mother an author and will be part of the Facebook event Dreams, Fantasies, Nightmares, and Visions.


Elle: Tell a little about yourself.

Amy: I am a mother by day and author by night. I write paranormal romance mixed with urban fantasy and I dabble in steampunk. Most of my day is spent chasing around my toddler and tending to the animals. When I’m not writing, I’m reading or playing video games.

Elle: What can you tell us about In the Light of the Moon, book one in the Dark War Chronicles?

Amy: DWC is my baby, I’ve put a lot of heart into this series. The idea is that all supernatural creatures are at war with each other. It started long ago when the Father of all vampires was sealed in his tomb and was originally over land and power, now it’s about power and taking over the human world. Everyone has secrets and something that they are fighting for. It currently follows Lucius’ territory and the fight to keep the Father where he belongs, in his tomb.

In the Light of the Moon is book one of this series and follows the story of Kassity and Jaxon as they fight against two differen sides, Lucius and the Dark Moon Clan. Both Kassity and Jazon are shifters who think they know what they want, the problem is not everything is as it seems in Lucius’ territory. The two fight against all odds to fulfill their mating. 

Elle: Give an overview of the protagonist (s) and any quirks they may have?

Amy: Kassity is a panther lycanthrope who has been stripped of all her control. She comes from a clan of panthers who have killed off most of their members. She’s strong even without her control and reacts mainly on instinct. She’s a killer for Lucius and tends to eat parts of her victim.
Jaxon is a lone panther working as a mercenary in Lucius’ territory. He tends to think the best of people and the worst of vampires. He comes from a clan in Europe, but it’s never said why he left.

Elle:  What are some other works you have published?

Amy: I have several other published works. Including the second in DWC, Dance in the Moonlight. My other works include: The Touch of Night, Midnight Symphony, Of Souls and Steam (in Penny Dread Tales Vol 3), and Of Fate and Gears (Penny Dread Tales Vol 4)

Elle:  What items do you require while writing?

Amy: I need coffee, or some type of drink, music, and my notebook, either digital or my physical one. Coffee gives me something to drink while I’m trying to think, music can inspire me, each book has a different type of music I listen to and my notebooks are where I keep all my random thoughts.

Elle: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go??

Amy: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Ireland and Scottland, I love the lore and mythology in all those places. They inspire me and I would love to visit and explore all of them.

Elle:  Do you have a favorite author or book?

Amy: Sherrilyn Kenyon is my favorite author, hands down, she’s an amazing woman and I love the world she has created. As for my favorite book…I have to many to list…if we wanted one in each genre I could probably do that for you, but just one in general is too hard to pick. 

Elle: Describe yourself in three words.

Amy: Positive, creative, coffee-fueled.

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