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Thursday, June 5, 2014

P.S. Winn author of Tunnels

P.S. Winn is the talented author of several books encompassing various genres. She will be at the Facebook event Dreams,
Fantasies, Nightmares, and Visions June 18-22.


Elle: Tell a little about yourself.

Pamela: I write. read and review. I love books and have since I was small. Too many years ago to remember. I started to publish almost 2 years ago and now have 14 books. I live in Montana with my husband. We have 7 children and 18 grandchildren.

Elle: What can you tell us about Tunnels?

Pamela: Tunnels is my first try at a mostly sci-fi novel. I loved writing it because I could go wherever I wanted with it, of course my characters changed it half way through, that's why the book is so long. My characters just had to have their own way.

Elle: Give an overview of the protagonists and any quirks they may have?

Pamela: The main character  in this novel is Nikki. She is estranged from her father, but a phone call takes her home to find her dad dying from a mysterious disease. One he got when he stepped through the tunnels to another world or reality. Nikki has to find out where.

Elle: What are some other works you have published?

Pamela: Foretold, Voices, Obligations.Capernicious, B.A. 47. Pacific Passage, Suppression are my novels. Stretched stories and Heartfelts are collections and the kids books are. The alphabet book, The number book, No, Jimmy, no and The secret Life of Goats.

Elle: What items do you require while writing?

Pamela:  My imagination, a pen and a notebook. I write everything longhand.

Elle: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go??

Pamela: Through the "Tunnels"

Elle:  Do you have a favorite author or book?

Pamela:  Actually I have about a hundred. I have been reading so long, I love a good horror book (Stephen King) New writers John Dizon, Chris Birdy, John Tucker, Elle Klass, and so many more! I am loving meeting and reading new authors. In kids books Sigal Adler, Sharon Fialco and Uncle Amos all touch my heart!

Elle:  Describe yourself in three words.

Pamela: Crazy, Bullheaded, Loyal

I haven't yet read Tunnels. I did however read Pacific Passage. Here is my review.

Pacific Passage by.P.S. Winn is not what I expected. Bree, the protagonist, wins a luxury cruise which she trades in for 3 regular tickets and invites her two best friends. The cruise starts off great. The girls are having the time of their life until the ship they are on, The Pacificus, travels straight into a disturbance over the water. The disturbance materializes out of nowhere, once through it is where the adventure really begins. They land on a mysterious island full of magic, mystery, and intriguing characters. There is conflict, action and plenty of lively characters to make this novella an excellent read, and distract the reader from the ending which took me by surprise.

Pacific Passage was the first of P.S. Winn’s novels I’ve read, although most certainly not the last. 

P.S. Winn at Amazon

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