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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The True Nashville Story

I have now spent approximately 23 years in the southern U.S. and have found Southern hospitality is alive and kickin'.  

My best friend, a Nashville native, and I just spent 5 days in Nashville, TN. We have talked about making this trip for years. Our discussions finally came to fruition. As her friend I met many interesting characters with hearts of gold, and stories out this world. I was treated like rock star royalty, home cooked meals, a nice bed to sleep in, taken downtown, and out to eat. I don't believe I have met nicer people anywhere, and I have traveled from one end of the U.S. to the other. 

The people aren't all that's beautiful. The land itself is magic. I lived in Virginia for 8 years and was mystified by it's beauty. Tennessee is every bit as beautiful if not more so. The rolling green hills, yards that span across wide open green fields sheltered by trees. Lightning bugs glow in the grass, shrubbery and trees all night.Every state has a beauty all it's own, some are more fortunate than others. If you have never visited Tennessee what are you waiting for? 

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