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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Naughty Wife by Candi Silk

As with Candi's many delicious titles The Naughty Wife is scrumptious!

My Review:

Candi Silk’s The Naughty Wife is an arousing novel with a slightly different feel than her others. Annie is a “happily married” woman. Truly, she is happy with her successful job, marriage, and beautiful children. But she’s feeling restless and rethinks her “happy” life realizing how mundane it is. Annie and husband Don have a good relationship and start to spice up their marriage which includes naughty escapades with others.

When I say a slightly different feel the story is written solely from Annie’s point of view and the reader gets a first hand glimpse into her personal thoughts and insecurities as she and Don embark on their adventures. As a married woman who has always been the good wife she has plenty of doubts, realistic doubts. There is also plenty of dialogue and action to drive the reader’s imagination into the other character’s heads.

As with Candi’s other books there is plenty of heated spice to awaken the reader and keep the pages turning.

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