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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Raven Williams Elf-Witch Audio Book Review

It wasn't long ago I listened to the first book in the series Elven-Jumper.When I learned the next book in the series was available in audio I took the first opportunity I was given to get the book.

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My Review:

Sometimes I do a lot of traveling and audio books keep me company. The Realm Jumper Chronicles I got into with book 1 in audio. I’m glad that Richard Coombs is still narrating. He has the ability to vary his voice per character and individualize them. That makes them even more real and I see the story unfold.

As for the story, a few twists and a creative fantasy world that could rival Harry Potter or one of my favorites the Chronicles of Narnia. Raven Williams has developed an entire world with elves, dragons and witches. The Realm Jumpers go from Paer-Jhysael to Earth through portals. In this segment they are looking for the elf-witch a young lady who is spoken about in prophecy to be extremely powerful and on the side of the good elves. Like a true fantasy story there is good and there are bad elves with evil intentions.

For the fantasy crazed reader this is a must read series.

Like the first book in the series I also bought the Kindle copy and advise doing so because their is an Appendix with important reference information.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so happy you are enjoying the series. You'll be happy to know, Richard and I are working on the audio version of Book 3 and hope to have it ready to go soon. Thanks again for your review!