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Monday, April 18, 2016

Zombie Games by Kristen Middleton Audiobook Review

On my way to TNEE in Atlanta I needed entertainment and Zombie Games was perfect!

My Review:

Zombie Games Origins was action and suspense from the start. It was right up my alley. Teen Cassie Wild is pretty much an ordinary kid with martial arts skills until everything goes haywire. Everyone is sick with a flu virus and the authorities are pushing for everyone to take the vaccine. Cassie’s mother won’t have anything to do with it so no vaccine in their family. There’s a side romance ensuing between Cassie and her karate instructor Bryce but that isn’t without problems.

What I enjoyed the most was the action and scene transitions. The story flows well without any hang ups describing far too much that isn’t relevant to the story. It’s written first person so the reader/listener gets Cassie’s account of the story. The plot isn’t simply waking up to zombies it’s centered around Cassie trying to get to her little sister who spent the night at a friends before the zombie breakout and survival.

As a listener I enjoyed the narrator, Belle Avery, is phenomenal. Her voice is clear, concise and she sounds like a teenager. She reads at a steady pace not skipping a beat.

Better than TV!

The Kindle is free and the audio is available as a whispersync upgrade.

Running Wild: Zombie Games Book 2

My Review:

Running Wild is book 2 in the Zombie Games series by Kristen Middleton is every bit as good as the first. I listened to book 1 on a five hour one way road trip and book 2 on the way back. They kept my attention and gave me company during the otherwise lonely, boring drive. This book picks up at the same spot the last one left off. With a car full of people they trek across the U.S. in search of Cassie’s sister and mother. Her father being a car salesman gets them a big enough car off the lot and they pack up to flee.

But nothing is that simple. Besides the bombardment of zombies and need for heavy weaponry (her father loves guns) there are plenty of disruptions and plot twists to keep the reader/listener on the edge of their seat. Along with that Cassie and Bryce newly formed romance continues to have disruptions as they find a pretty girl that Cassie knows from school and add her to the growing clan. And a cute soldier saved by Cassie’s mom decides to join them and he’s got a thing for Cassie. Chalk full of action and suspense.

Belle Avery is wonderful! And her voice is perfect for the series. The voice in an audiobook is everything. As a listener I have a growing list of narrators I enjoy. She’s moving quickly to the top.


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