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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blur by Kristen Middleton Audiobook Review

An entertaining read for the vampire lover!

My Review:

Blur is an exciting read from start to finish. The story begins with Nikki and her twin brother Nathan moving out of state due to their mother’s new job. But it’s more than that, their father went psycho on their mother and she’s running so to speak. Hoping to find a safe place for the family to live that he hopefully won’t track them too.

Nikki’s a pretty average teen who shortly after moving to Shore Lake meets a cute boy she crushes over. In a very short time she gets a job and meets Ethan, a vampire or Night Roamer. Instantly she finds herself under his spell and deeply attracted to him. She struggles with this yet is under his spell.

As a vampire book lover I enjoyed the story and may listen/read again in the future but I didn’t find it unique enough to go completely wild over. But it is an entertaining story that I recommend for any paranormal book lover. 

I listened to the audio and even though I enjoyed the story I had a difficult time listening to the narrator at times. Not enough to discourage me from listening. 


Kristen Middleton

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