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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Awakened: The Reaper's Apprentice Book 1 by CS Patra Audio Review

Very enjoyable and appropriate young adult read!

My Review:
Awakened: The Reaper’s Apprentice Book 1 was a solid book. Four young ladies learn they are demons. Not just demons but the next guardians. But they are young, teenagers, and have no desire to take on the responsibility. The girl’s want to be young and do as young girls do fighting against their chosen path at every turn. It isn’t until tragedy strikes that they buck up and accept the challenge.

I really enjoyed the story. The characters were carved and developed into believable souls. And the world created was believable. There was a part that was a little confusing towards the end but I can’t say. The story held my interest and made me curious and anxious to start book 2.

I listened to the audio version narrated by C.J. McAllister. He did a great job narrating and even changing his voice per character.


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