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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ending A Series Procrastination

Since finishing The Monster Upstairs, Book 2 in the Bloodseeker Series my creative mind been playing this horrible procrastination game. 

The next book I have scheduled for release is Baby Girl 7 Prison of the Past in June 2017.  I started the book, wrote a couple thousand words then my mind switched gears on me. Author TL Katt invited me to write a story for her 2017 Winter Thrillz so I wrote the entire story in 3 days. It's my first writing venture into paranormal romance. All that is great but the book won't be released until Dec. 2017. So why write it now? It wasn't my intention but happened.

A tiny plug on TL. She designed the cover for The Monsters Upstairs (cover reveal coming soon) and has done many teasers for me in the past, including a few below and the Zombie Girl cover which she's modifying for the series.

After finishing that story I pulled up Prison of the Past and wrote another thousand words or so and had a great idea for Zombie Girl. A story I wrote for the Once Upon a Zombietale Anthology released almost a year ago. I've had readers inquire about the characters and ask if it will be part of a much larger story or even a series. The characters kept talking and I almost tripled the word count. It looks like Zombie Girl fans are getting a series titled the Zombie Girl. The first book Premonition is being edited along with The Monster Upstairs, Book 2 in the Bloodseeker Series.

I wouldn't call what's going on writer's block. It's more like end of series, saying good bye to Cleo block. She's always been an easy character for me to slip into and write but her story must come to an end and the entire book is in my head but wouldn't come out. It's hard to say goodbye to a loved one and that's how my mind has perceived it so it keeps pushing the story away and bringing others to the front.

Cleo's journey is filled with tears, happiness, sarcasm and the struggle of a young girl who becomes a pretty amazing adult. She isn't perfect and can be a little self-serving but also puts herself in life and death situations for those she loves. The final book takes her life full circle blasting into the only mystery remaining. When I think about it I realize she avoided solving this mystery much as I have avoided writing this final book.

The mystery is one many readers expected when purchasing and reading Book 5 but it wasn't the time. The time has now come for her to put the clues together and go one one last adventure that is filled with self-discovery. My mind is finally ready to write the story because it realizes this is simply the ending to a brand new beginning.

Baby Girl 

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