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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman by Brady Stefani

This is a really, really good one!

My Review:

Courtney is visited by aliens. It's been happening since she was a child. Her mother doesn't believe her, not only that, her behavior towards Courtney and her alien visits is cruel. Every time Courtney mentions something to her, Courtney ends up a mental hospital. Her mother even tells her that her grandfather tries to drown her when she was a child. Courtney realizes this is lie when she visits her deceased grandfather's cottage. This is where the story really gets good and twists.

I enjoyed this story. The pace is fairly quick and there's mystery and suspense as Courtney delves into the mystery of the aliens and her deceased grandfather learning there's far more to the whole story than she ever imagined. 

Definitely worth listening to. In fact, I'm sure at some point I'll listen again.


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