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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Devil's Lake: Bittersweet Hollow Book 1 by Aaron Paul Lazar

Great story, tons of suspense!

My Review:

This is an intense story from the get go. Porsha is on her last leg home after being held captive for two years. She's greeted by her neighbor Boone who is tending the farm in her parents absence. She soon learns her mother has cancer and both her parents are in New York for her treatment. 

Porsha is a complete mess and the descriptions are very strong and moving. As the story progresses her parents come home as her mom's cancer is in remission. As a family they work through Porsha's captivity, giving the gruesome details. 

The book is filled with suspense and the author did a nice job with it. If you have a weak stomach this might not be a story for you. I love gruesome with taste so it was right up my alley. I wished more of the gruesome was mixed into the story more instead large, bold chunks but either was a great listen.

The narrator did an amazing job with everything from pacing to changing up per character.

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