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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jasmine LaPerla and the Bite & Switch: Two Alters, One Love Series

Jasmine LaPerla's debut series is awesome!


My Reviews:

Book 1
Gripping from the start! The kind of book I couldn't put down as terror seized me and curiosity drew me in. College student Serena is shaking in fear as she's hiding within her storage pod during a violent protest on the campus she attends. It brings flashbacks of living in Iraq flying back as she struggles to deal with her PTSD.

While shivering in fear a handsome man, Kyle, enters her pod. She clings to him for safety and security. More blasts outside jar the pod door and they get trapped together, Within that time they get to know each other both the good and the freaky before their rescue. This is the beginning of their chilling relationship as Kyle is a little more than his attractive appearance leads on.

The writing is as intense as the characters relationship and dark secrets are unleashed. I'm wasting no time in getting into book 2!

Book 2
Book 1 captivated me from the start so I had to continue the series. The second book is just as exciting as Serena and Colt explore their relationship and Colt's dark past.

The author has a great writing style, making the series a pleasure to read and adding a touch of suspense to the romance.

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