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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Eye on Orion by Laura D. Bastion Audiobook

A cute, entertaining story!

My Review:

This is a cute story safe for any age. It's summer and Holly's best friend moved replaced by new neighbors, a brother and sister. At first Holly isn't sure about them. They're family is odd. As a star gazer with a telescope on her roof the brother Jai (not sure if I spelled that right) joins her one evening and she realizes they aren't so bad. He's stiff and boring at first but begins to lighten up. Soon the three are spending quite a bit of time together, quickly becoming friends. It doesn't take long when she learns their secret.

The story flows at a steady pace and I really liked Holly. She's a gutsy girl. Soon her and Jai realize they are equally attracted to one another. The story is a bit far-fetched for me but no doubt young teens would enjoy it. I will give the author credit for the unique way they travel through space, very clever. The siblings speak in a mechanical tone that occasionally the narrator used too excessively, other than that it was a good performance.

Overall, a fun story.


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