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Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Terra Debacle by Marcha Fox Review

I've enjoyed this entire series and The Terra Debacle is just as amazing!


I love Thyron! I have since I first read Beyond the Hidden Sky. He’s unique--a sentient, mobile plant who’s my hero. In The Terra Debacle he, Aggie and Creena crash land on Earth. In A Dark of Endless Days we don’t know the details just that they crashed. This book accounts for their stay which wasn’t exactly pleasant. 
Creena’s taken to a secure location somewhere in the desert. Aggie is dismantled along with their ship. Thyron is taken and sent to Area 51. Gabe a botanist is brought in to examine and study him. Thyron is leery of Gabe to begin with but eventually trust is earned.

The story takes place in the ‘70s when I was a very young girl but I remember enough to suffer several fits of laughter while reading the story with the references to Mork, Star Trek and MASH. Among the laughter was plenty of suspense that built throughout. I was sweating bullets the last few chapters as the story climaxed. What an ending! What a story!

Marcha’s books always contain sound, plausible science. As a biology teacher I was in my element with the science presented in this book and the tests run. It’s very clever and I’m sure I will always think differently about plant chloroplasts and bulbs in the future.

A fantastic story that doesn’t miss a beat!

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The Terra Debacle is a spin-off story from the Star Trails Tetralogy. Visit the website to learn more about the series.

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