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Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Hidden by Ethan Sandlow

Good story and especially loved the ending.

Amanda helps out at the local soup kitchen. She lives alone with her cat and otherwise seems to have a very boring existence until she meets a Lycan that changes everything. She's an empath and there's people after her. The Lycan takes it on himself to help her escape the madness and get away safely but around every turn is danger until the very end.

The story wasn't quite complete to me but then again it's a series. Maybe more light on why or who is chasing her. The action is great and the book is safe for any ages. The suspense factor is medium, not edge of the seat but curiosity piquing. I thought the end was cute, although, I'd expected it for quite some time. Either way it was still fun.

A good story.


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