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Monday, April 2, 2018

Free Fall by Peter Cawdron

Really short and really good!

My Review:
This story begins inncoent as an astronaut on a solo mission is orbiting the Earth. He attempts to make contact and gets no response. He ffollows all the correct protocal, following every rule and precaution until he finally makes contact with a child. No adult, no Houston but a young girl.This gets his blood boiling and he drops the rules and protocal with no other thought than getting to the girl.

For a short story the plot and characterization are well developed. There wasn't much to solve as I'd figured out te ending yet I couldn't stop listening. The authors words kep me on the edge of my seat and I cringed several times. I even listened a second time to this story with a couple days. 

ts one of those stories that made my mind think what if... the possibilities are endless. Great story!


Daddy Darkest by Ellery Kane

Sooo this book is really twisted. I loved that and how the author puts it all out there. I have done that with my thrillers and in some cases taken back lash but there are those of us who love truly dark reading. I think that's what I enjyed most about it is the darkness that isn't sugar-coated.

My Review:
I love dark, twisted, intense stories but they can be difficut to find. Many authors smooth stuff over and tame the fear. This story puts it all out there. It covers nothing up or sugar coats it but keeps the plot thickening and the suspese rising.

The story is well written and the author's style is easy to follow along with. The images are painted well and so it the fear and confusion of the character -- Sam. Kristen James did an excellent job with the narration. Her character voices and pacing were excellent.

It starts out as Sam and her friend are on a trip. Two innocent young adults ready for a good time. What happens is mind blowing and takes Sam on a wild ride.

This story isn't for those who like fluffy or have suffered violence in their past and are easily triggered but if you like a psychological thriller that will keep you turning pages this is the book.