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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Good Bones by L.A. Kelley

A ghostly tale!

My Review:
I enjoyed the whole concept of a psychologist using her skills to assist a ghost. Such an original idea. Katherine is a psychologist who gets entangled with a detective Jake. Jake buys an older house that needs a little work but he feels is worth it until he's haunted by a ghost. At first he's freaked out and even moves out of the house until he meets Katherine and they decide maybe the ghost isn't all bad. At the same time there's a budding romance between them. 

The author does a great job in developing the characters and furthring the plot. There were a few twists, some I expected but also a wow! No spoilers here, you have to read it! The plot itself has layers keeping my listening ears invested. The narrator has a natural flow with the story and a good cadance.

This isn't just a great ghost story but a really amazing cozy mystery!


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