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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

New Story

In the last few days I've started a new story.

Often times people ask what my inspiration is and I'm at a loss for words. Most of my stories have no direct inspiration. They come for the dark bowels of my mind but this new one has direct inspiration.

I had a dream and all I remember is the structure of the building and layout of the floor plan along with something else that I won't give away because it would give too much.

The story centers around a young newlywed couple who have just purchased and moved into their first home. Its an older home with a history, not all of it is dark but it is mysterious.

The husband is an environmentalist and the wife is an almost agoraphobic. In their home they discover something unique and it forces them in different directions. Each spouse also has personal demons that I have yet to discover. They also have their own agenda. Characters only give me glimpses.

As the fashion with all my stories I know how pieces fit together but not the whole thing. In other words I have no idea how it will end I only keep up with writing a chapter as I see it.

As I mentioned the home has a history, lots of history actually. It was built in the 1920s in west central Florida. The selling point for the husband was the unique energy efficient features. For the wife I have yet to understand why she was drawn to it, possibly because it's secluded and she doesn't like to be around large crowds. 

He is a scientist, an explorer, someone who seeks to unravel mysteries and she would rather spend her life inside and let mysteries remain mysteries.  

This story isn't overtly scary but delves into the fear or fearlessness residing inside the characters. It also lacks much of a character cast with the exception of the newlywed couple that has to get over their growing suspicions in order to live peacefully and successfully.

Generally I have a name before a story. In this case I have the story. Character names are clear but the stories name is Work In Progress on my computer. If anyone has a suggestion from what I've described feel free to offer in the comments below.