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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Soul Knowledge: Soul Series Book 3 by Miranda Shanklin

Book 3 is now in audio!

This is a fantastic series if you anjoy witches and paranormal. The series is well put together, each book they have a new challenge yet there's a deep overarching plot that brings the stories together and keeps me reading. Each new book is another piece to the journey the six are taking and is filled with growing pains making the plot so real.

In this book Anissa is touched by darkness. This goes against everyting Anissa is, caring, compassionate and kind. The darkness drives her into doing things very out of character and compulsive but that's only half the battle as a wedge is driven between her and soulmate Chase. The six have to rid the darkness before it takes its toll on helpless humans.

I normally don't always like a new narrator in a series but Molly Merseal does it seemlessly and keeps good pacing with the plot and characters. Definitely one to check out!

Winter's Rise by Breezy Jones

Fantastic new release from up and coming new author!

I truly enjoyed this story. The author has such a fantastic voice making this book a pleasure to read. 

The story s about a female werewolf who only recently realized it. She's kind of a loner and her best friend is the man she works for but along comes a hot werewolf who takes her under his wing and shows her the ropes. Soon enough their relationship takes a more romantic turn and she makes friends where she never thought she would.

The story is as much a romance as it is a paranormal mystery. I really loved the authors creativity and use of fantasy creatures. It made the story playful and fun. There are also a few suspenseful moments. Its a clean read for teens or adults.

Great job! I see amazing things for this up and coming author. This is one you'll want to check out!