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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Magic, Mystery & Zombies!

We are in the times of the COVID-19 apacolypse, stuck in our homes, anxiety is high as we watch breathlessly while the infection rate grows! 
In these times we need something to do besides hang on social media and cringe.
I have various books sales going on. Magic, Mystery and Zombies is free!

Wet your whistle with a taste of award winning author Elle Klass young adult fiction. There's something for everyone who can't get enough teenage heroines and heros, including new release Isandro Volume 1 of the hidden journals.

You may experience uncontrollable laughter, nail-biting and hair tugging as well as a desire to continue reading and even share with a friend or neighbor.

What's Inside:
Baby Girl - In the Beginning and Moonlighting in Paris
Zombie Girl - Premonition and Infection
The Bloodseekers - The Vampires Next Door

hidden journals - Isandro


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