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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Song of the Reaper by Stephanie Harrell. A novella from the Once Upon Academy Anthology

One by one I'll giving you my opinion of all the Once Upon Academy Short stories in the anthology except of course my own. Keep in mind I hadn't read any of the stories until I got a copy of the book. 
The second story is Song of the Reaper by Stephanie Harrell
I loved it! Lyra and her two sisters are swept away to OUA when their father Mr. Piper gets a job as a teacher at the school. Lyra Piper soon finds out she can compel people with music and there's a family curse! It doesn't get much worse until Lyra is faced with a life or death decision.
The story is exciting and original with a touch of darkness. My kind of story!
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I want the paperback!
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