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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

K.L. Randis- Spilled Milk

I was thrilled when K.L. Randis asked me to review her book. I was unable to secure an interview but am pleased with reading and reviewing her story- Spilled Milk. The novel brought tears to my eyes as well as joy in my heart.

Spilled Milk by K. L. Randis is a touching story based on true events. Brooke Nolan, from the time she is a little girl until her teenage years is sexually abused by her father. She isn't the only target in the family, as her siblings feel his wrath in the form of physical abuse. Her mother is disabled from a mishap at work, and there are 4 children in the household which traps her financially. The perfect setting for the lightning storm that is Brooke's life. It isn't until sitting down to dinner with her boyfriend's family, and his little brother accidentally spills his milk, that she realizes her family isn't normal, nobody screams at the child or raises their hands in anger. Brooke has a difficult time wrapping her mind around the entire incident. The milk mishap is what seems to propel her into seeking help.

Brooke builds strong relationships with others, mostly adults who stand by her, giving their full support as she faces the challenge of survival, and court, against her father. The fear she feels echoes through the pages of this compelling story. K.L. Randis illustrations of growing up in a violent home are on the money. Her novel speaks volumes to anyone, especially those who have suffered the devastating effects of abuse. Her words are precise, and descriptive placing the reader front and center in an explosive household. Brooke is an intelligent young woman who finds peace, justice, and most importantly, strength.

In my opinion Spilled Milk is about awareness, and reaching out, helping those who can't help themselves. There are far too many stories that mimic Brooke's, characters, and situations may be different, but the fear, and devastation aren't. Someone in a toxic relationship has to want to be helped, and be willing to come forward. If they know they aren't alone, that support is available, then maybe more will reach out. This is a novel to share with as many people as possible.

Spilled Milk is an excellent read.

I have already shared this story with others. It is no wonder Spilled Milk is a best seller. A warm thank you K.L. Randis for sharing.

Follow the link to find K.L. Randis and Spilled Milk at Amazon.

K.L. Randis at Amazon


  1. love the writing of this book, I read it on Kindle, wish there were some pics of the family and what David looked like.

  2. Love the writing as well, even with the lack of editing, it pulls the heartstrings. I had a vivid mental picture of the characters but might be interesting to see what they really look like.