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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Carol Piner- Evidence of Insanity

This book was an outrageous account of stories from the author's own life. Through her wittiness and sarcasm she wrote a novel that I truly feel anyone would love. 


Evidence of Insanity is the perfect name for Carol Piner’s book. It is an autobiographical narrative that was more than hilarious and brutally honest. Growing up on the shores of North Carolina where there really isn’t much to do with a father who cheats and a mom who puts her foot down and refuses to take it. The divorce sends her mother spiraling into alcoholism and the children one by one packing up to live with dad and his new wife. She has a deep dislike for her father but the most respect for her mother who is something of a spitfire. 

The author’s sarcastic tone even in the face of adversity and poverty is what truly makes this book comical. Heartbreaking situations fill this novel but instead of tears of sadness I had tears of laughter. Her tone really set the stage and gives the reader  not just a glimpse of who the author is but a  brilliant full color HD picture. Somehow she always manages to come out on top and hold true to principles in life that are important to her.

A read no one should pass up!

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