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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ben The Dragonborn by Dianne Astle

Giveaway for Ben The Dragonborn by Dianne Astle brought to you by the author and Double Decker Books.

 Book Blurb:

 Ben’s father has disappeared.  He never knew his mother. There is no one to help understand the nightmares from his past. The principal is about to expel him when Ben is chosen by the Guardian of the Six Worlds to stop a war between humans and merfolk.  Ben’s only chance of success depend on discovering the secret of his own true self in a terrifying water world where nightmares come to life.
 Giveaway: 2 print books and 5 ebooks

Praise for Ben the Dragonborn

“Ben the Dragonborn is unique and original in every way. There are portals to unknown worlds; gifted children chosen for quests; an array of imaginative creatures; and a school that is magical and secretive.  Fans of 100 Cupboards, Fablehaven, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter will find something to love in this book.”

From a review by Will Wortner

"An engaging story with the elements of fantasy woven neatly into the coming-of-age/discovering your identity theme.”

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