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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Immortal Hela Cells

I'm letting out my science beast tonight. I'm a nerd and proud of it. I absolutely loved this book and of course, I had to post my review here. Generally, I read fiction and lots of it but this book caught my attention. As a science teacher I'm certified to teach middle school and high school biology so HeLa Cells became my before bed reading last night.


First, I have to admit I love science; especially biology. Reading this book was a pleasure for me. I have heard about HeLa cells before but never knew where they came from. It was interesting to find out about their origins  and learn about the donor. The breakthroughs in biology and medical science have been phenomenal over the past century but what they did was unethical and goes against the backbone of experimental  testing and subjects. Although having the HeLa cells have contributed to many medical advancements. The content wasn’t all that caught my attention with this book. The author was able to bring difficult concepts to a level anyone could understand with word usage and pictures.  HeLa Cells was really an awesome, informative read.

This book is worth checking out!

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