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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Moment When I Realize...

Just the other day I was asked, "how are your book sales going?" 
I was a little depressed to say, "My kindle sales have dropped." Out of coincidence I logged into createspace later that afternoon and realized my paperback sales are up! 

I gave up a few kindle sales for paperback sales. Yippee! Honestly, like most authors I sell far more ebooks; needless to say how wonderful it is to see that people enjoy my book enough to take the big plunge and buy it in paperback.

Baby Girl Book 3: City by the Bay is on tour right now! Click here to visit, read Cleo's interview and listen to BG3's book soundtrack. And enter the giveaway which includes a grand prize including a Starbucks gift card and Baby Girl 3 kindle and 2 other prizes of Baby Girl 3 kindle. Only 4 days left.

The Baby Girl series is still popping in and out of the top 100 on Kindle.
 Baby Girl Book 2: Moonlighting in Paris is at #79 in 90 Minute Teen Adult Short Reads.

Baby Girl Book 3 is #79 in Teen and Young Adult Short Stories.

My biggest news which I saved for last is Baby Girl Book 1 is now free! 
each day it becomes available free at more and more online retailers.

Within the next 2 months I hope to release Eye of The Storm Volume 1 in the  Ruthless Storm Trilogy. More info when the time draws closer.

Many thanks and best wishes!

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