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Friday, September 26, 2014

Thrill Driven by Candi Silk

The title says it all about the insatiable women in this novella. It's hot, enjoyable, and difficult to put down. 

I was able to bring Candi on today with a guest post with a little Q and A about Thrill Driven. Enjoy her witty charm and wild imagination.

Thanks, Elle, for the invitation to stop by and visit with you and your readers.

Elle: Thrill Driven is your latest erotic escapade. Why would women readers be interested in the story?

Candi: Great question, Elle, and probably the same question all authors ask themselves as they are writing a story. In the case of Thrill Driven, I’ve developed and brought together three women that have deep/intimate questions about their individual sexuality. Two of the women, Marla and Sherrie, both mid-thirties, are divorced from disappointing marriages. They’re not bitter and they aren’t whining, but they are on a mission to experiment with some intimate sexual desires that have lingered from their early twenties. Unexpectedly they meet a third woman, Jan, ten years younger, while dance-clubbing. Jan has not had the best of experiences with men. To add tension to the dynamics, Marla and Sherrie have invited one of their favorite bed-mates, Ray, a well-endowed 28 year-old hunk, to be part of their weekend. With that varied mix of sexual undertones, what can possibly happen in a weekend to deliver an enjoyable erotic story for readers?
I believe women and men readers will be drawn to the story because it pulls from some of the real-life thoughts and fantasies that most of us have had from time to time. I write erotic escapades that portray consenting women and men enjoying mutual pleasure. And my writing is tilted toward women’s consideration and perspective. My erotica tends to lead to happy, or pleasant endings.
Another reason women would be interested in reading Thrill Driven is because the story centers on the broad, and sometimes, hazy meaning of sexuality. Currently, in our world, there is much discussion regarding women’s sexuality, and women are leading that conversation. Most of my writing focuses on a “what if” type question. In Lust Driven, which is the beginning of Marla’s story, I posed the question to myself, What would have to happen, and what emotions would be at play for an ordinary, married woman to “break-out” and become a “lust driven” woman in one night, and with two men who are not her husband? The dynamics are interesting.

Elle: How do you respond to the criticism that erotica has no plot, therefore it has no point?

Candi: Take all of the plots that exist, and most authorities and references agree at most there are only about 20. Boil all of them down and you end up with one universal plot that is goal-centered: Someone wants something, and tries to get it. That applies to a 500-page Civil War novel, as well as a short erotica story, or novel. In one case someone is trying to win a major skirmish, and of course there are lots of sub-plots running through a Civil War epic.
In the erotica example, someone wants sex and tries to get it. A war
can linger for years, even decades. Sexual interactions can be as emotionally explosive as a war, and those intimacies can also be impulsive, the chemistry happening very quickly, or extended over a longer period of time. Most often, the common thread in erotica is sex, the physical interactions between and among the characters, so the story centers more on the physical aspects of the relationship, rather than hundreds of pages of garden strolls, hand-holding, porch swings and emotional introspection. If a preponderance of those elements are added to the story the writer will probably classify the book as romance, or maybe erotic romance, depending upon the amount and descriptive sexual content.
Sex is serious. Sex is how we all got here on this planet. Sex sounds like a pretty serious plot for a short erotica story, or a long erotica novel. Consistently erotica runs neck-and-neck with romantic suspense, and contemporary romance in women’s preferences for reading. Women represent 84 percent of buyers of the romance genre (which includes erotica), and men make up only 16 percent. Women readers fuel the romance genres.
The “point” of erotica relates back to the reader’s preference. What is the reader in the mood for? What type story would bring the most reading pleasure for the night? If I’m in the mood for a pulse-quickening erotica, I might turn to a Kirsten McCurran title. However, if I’m in the mood for a human interest, family drama, I’ll turn to a title of Elle Klass, a favorite author of mine. Very different books, with different intents, but equally enjoyable for me. For me that’s the joy of reading from different genres.

Elle: Where do your stories come from?

Candi: First of all, I do not write about my life, or any people I’ve known in the past, or currently. Often, I’ll get an idea from a news article. Sometimes a story begins when I think of an imaginary character. That was true for Lust Driven, and Thrill Driven. Other times I think of a situation, predicament, or set of circumstances, and begin wondering what character A, B, and C will do with that. But Elle, there is so much drama in real-life families, the work environment, the fitness center, the coffee shop, or any other place where people congregate, that there should be no shortage of stories to harvest.

Always exciting and always a pleasure. Candi, you have a way of bringing out those everyday drama's and turning them into something kinky and fun! Thank you Candi!

It has been my pleasure to visit The Troubled Oyster. I’ve read and noticed that interesting things take place here. I want you to know I’ve read your work; you’re a very talented writer. Keep writing your unique books!

My Review:

Thrill Driven by Candi Silk is an exciting, entertaining erotic read. Marla meets Sherrie and their mutual sexual desires for one another build eventually giving way to an evening full of naughty adventures. Marla’s two scorching hot male friends, Ben and Ray, have a connection to Sherrie as well and the women tell all in their meeting, not leaving out any juicy parts. As the novella heats up the women go out on the town and kick up some dirt and inflate others passions with their dirty dancing. They catch the eye of another woman Jan who is spending the evening with a boring male friend and soon the three women heat up the pages of the book with their lustful encounters.

The pages in this story flashed by with lightning speed as the character’s actions pulled me in. These women are naughty and no how to let loose and have fun. They teach each other how to enjoy. I loved how the women connected not only on a steamy level but through their life experiences and mutual female understanding. Candi did an excellent job with the dialogue between the women. It was open and hysterical as well as true!

A fascinating,light and sizzling read!

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