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Saturday, November 1, 2014

A little precious miracle

This week has been phenomenal for me. Wednesday night my third grandbaby, Miliani, was born. Six pounds 10 ounces and absolutely gorgeous!

Wednesday we; me, my ex and his girlfriend along with the baby's dad's parents and brother, waited impatiently for her to be born . The birth of a baby is such an amazing event and it warmed my heart to see the huge group of people waiting to see her. She was born after 10 p.m. but it didn't matter nobody was going anywhere until she was born.

For me and my ex husband we have two other beautiful grandchildren, Colin- the first boy in my family in three generations and Linnea our gorgeous blue eyed beauty. So I had some practice. For my ex husband this was the first one he was there for the birth (he lived out of state when the other 2 were born).

For Miliani's father's side this was their first grandchild and the first girl for a generation or so. Needless to say they were extremely excited.

The reason I post this is the love we have for our children. There is nothing else that compares. If all my books simultaneously hit number one the excitement wouldn't match how I felt Wednesday. Although, that would be a close second. It further warmed my heart when I took in the huge group of us waiting to see our little beauty.

My daughter and her little family are so adorable and Miliani's life will be filled with love. They both cried the moment she was born and are so proud and amazed. I remember the feeling of wonder when my oldest daughter was born and my youngest. Babies are little miracles.

For the first day of November with Thanksgiving around the corner what I have to be thankful for is my beautiful family that just got a little bigger. I love them all and can't wait to see all my grandbabies together for thanksgiving :-).

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