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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Exciting Events Coming Soon!

The holidays are here and I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up I want you to know about!

I have entered the Winter Heat Blog Hop. This blog hop includes 40 blogs! Each day each blogger will be posting so that means I will have lots of posts coming your way for 2 entire weeks. There are also giveaways going on at each blog.

How do know where to go to read the various other blogs? Easy, the links to all the other blogs are on the right. Click and check them out. The blog hop starts November 24th. My giveaway is at the bottom of this page so don't forget to enter and share with your friends!

Next up, I have teamed up with a few other author to bring the world an event on Facebook, Naughty or Nice Christmas Author Party December 6th. The event runs from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. EDT. There is a grand prize giveaway going on from now until the event ends. To enter simply buy one of our books and post the order number on the event page. There will be individual author giveaways going on December 6th. Everyone is welcome. Click the link and join we want to see you there!

Last, two birthdays are coming soon. First is the one year birthday of The Troubled Oyster on November 25th. Second is my own birthday Dec. 2nd. The week of my birthday I have a special Amazon promo happening as well as some other goodies revealed Dec. 1st.

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