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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cover Reveal Bite the Big Apple

Bite the Big Apple the fourth and final book in the Baby Girl Series. Cleo find's answers to the questions plaguing her existence!

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I found myself in his room. My body fell back on his camel covered bed, rolling his comforter around me as if it were his arms and inhaled in the sweetness of his bed seeking any lingering Einstein scent. Instead, I smelled fabric softener. I bounced upwards from his bed like an alley cat being chased by a bulldog and ransacked his room, searching for clues, anything to tell me why he left.

I went through his drawers, tore books off his shelves one by one and found nothing. Then I remembered the hallways! Through his closet, I entered the passage and must have walked through each passage several times before a picture caught my attention. It was Einstein and a friend on what looked like a camping trip. They looked about ten or eleven. I pulled the picture off the wall and studied it. The light caught a small bump behind the picture, something was there. I took the back off and a newspaper article dropped to the ground.

On it a picture of the boy who was in the picture with Einstein. He disappeared, his dead body turning up on a hiking trail in Oregon. Stuck to the inside back of the picture frame was a map containing a list of names and addresses I remembered from my time running around the country with Einstein. Each person wealthy and of high importance, including the judge whose letter opener I stole by accident and returned by way of drunk bum.

I kept the map, the article and put the picture back, then checked every picture lining the passage ways - more newspaper articles. I laid them out and read. The court tried the person arrested as the boy’s killer, but with lack of evidence, they found him innocent. The judge on the case was letter-opener-judge. I read each article. They read almost the same - missing children, a few found dead. The list went on and the story swirled into clarity. Einstein’s mother told me he wanted to be an FBI agent, and his friend mysteriously kidnapped and murdered. Many of the homes and cities we visited contained the missing children. He searched for clues to his friend’s abduction and the other children. 

Einstein’s dated laptop called out to me. I plugged the cord into the wall and pressed the power button, it sputtered to life. I typed in Einstein as his password and it zoomed to the next screen. On a hunch I searched through every file, nothing, until I discovered an encrypted file. I felt the sides and back of the computer and bingo it had a USB drive, so I ran-tiptoed back to my room grabbed my flash drive then uploaded his documents to it.

My mind buzzed with activity, my body drained. I didn’t yet understand the connection between the children if one existed, but I’d figure it out for Einstein.

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