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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Long Island Secrets by Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi and Susanne Leist

I opened my tablet last night and felt overwhelmed by the amount of books. I am a book addict and have tons, hundreds. I searched through and Long Island Secrets caught my eye. I am a fan of Susanne Leist. I hadn't yet read anything by Pattimari although I own some of her books. As I said earlier I own hundreds of books, mostly independent authors. I thought why not? I read the entire book in a few hours. It was that intriguing.

My Review:

Long Island secrets is a fun who done it mystery. Rose and Sammy are best friends spending the summer together. They happen to be at the pool the day a man turns up floating in the pool face down. The life guards move in and bring him out of the water. He’s pronounced dead then gasps for breath, alive and out of sorts. His name Ben Martin. The women are intrigued by the situation and friend him. They want to help solve his attempted murder. Finding the attempted murderer takes the three on a wild ride and a deluge of secrets.

The story is well written and the characters are full of vibrancy and life. It takes place during the summer and mostly near the beach. I am a beach lover so was automatically drawn to the story. I also love murder mysteries and suspense. The book has an easy flow and is a quick read. 

Fantastic murder mystery!

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