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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Salvadora and Prince Gaizka

Flash fiction just because. 


Scared but intent on making it to the next closest kingdom that lay on the opposite side of the woods. As daylight broke she entered the forest. Carefully she rationed her water and food. She ate and drank only enough to give her strength to continue her journey.

On day two she found a stream and followed it. If her memory served correct it would lead her to the Kingdom she sought. Admiring the beauty of the trees and wild life she heard a male voice singing. To her ears it was the most delightful sound. She continued toward the singing until she found the young man the voice belonged to. She crouched behind the brush and took delight in watching the young man as he fished in the stream.

“Who’s there?” Called the young man.

Salvadora’s heart jumped. Did he hear me? She remained fixed in her position.

The young man stood and walked towards the bush she hid behind. He peered at her through the brush and held his handout to her. “Please, join me.”

She placed her hand in his and instant warm electricity shot through her arm and body.

“Why are you hiding?”

“I…I…I didn’t want to interrupt your beautiful song.”

“You are not interrupting. I have been waiting for you.”

Confused she asked, “How?”

“Eat first.”

He cooked them fish he’d caught in the stream. Her appearance gave away her wariness. She feasted on the tasteful food.

“Come with me and I’ll take you to my Kingdom.”

“Which is?” She didn’t want to mistake her attraction to the young man for a prison worse than she came.

“Kingdom Abaddon.” Her heart fluttered when he said the words. She made it. Her journey was finished. “Prince Gaizka at your service.”

She bowed her head, “I’m not worthy.”

He placed his hand below her chin lifting her head and the warm electricity pulsed through her body. “Do you feel the warmth of our touch?”

“Yes.” She gazed into his sapphire eyes.

The prophecy in my Kingdom says I will meet a beautiful maiden by the stream. When we touch a warm electricity will shoot throughout our bodies. That maiden will become my queen and rule the Kingdom beside me.


“Shh… “ He lifted her onto his horse and took the reins in one hand as he walked beside the horse. Within a short distance the Kingdom appeared almost out of nowhere. The sun above it shines bright and love and happiness rose inside her heart. She found the answer to Kingdom Lumania’s distress.
He took her to the King’s court and she divulged her story. The King being a fair ruler of a great and powerful kingdom with ties to all surrounding kingdom’s except Lumania gathered the Kings together. Seven Kingdom’s armies set out to Lumania and conquered King Ahriman. 

The black lingering cloud above Lumania vanished. Joy filled the people’s hearts once again. Prince Gaizka and Salvadora married and ruled Lumania. It thrived and never again fell into the hands of an evil ruler.

@ Elle Klass June 3, 2015

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