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Friday, June 5, 2015

Spelling V by Meb Bryant

Spelling V is a short and a great introduction to Meb's work. After reading I'm anxious to check out her other books!

My Review:
Meb Bryant packs a punch with Spelling V. The story begins with Veronica and Robert in elementary school. V or Veronica claims his as hers. As much as he runs from it he loves her too. The short continues as their relationship develops and their love grows. In the seventh grade Robert’s are brutally murdered and the evidence points in a direction he’s not willing to accept. 

Spelling V is a chilling tale of murder and betrayal leading the reader down a tumultuous journey. I read a lot of mystery and suspense and absolutely didn’t see the end coming. She did an amazing job in the novella of placing unexpected twists and turns where least expected. There are few characters in the story allowing full development of each. 

Looking for a quick, mind boggling mystery this is it!

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