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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tear Tracks by JS Luxor Book Review

Tear Tracks by JS Luxor is a phenomenal story! It's a journey through love, betrayal, and drug addiction.

My Review:

Tear Tracks is the journey of a young couple who become estranged over a misunderstood event that catapulted into a series of events. Savannah learns she is pregnant, her husband Collin isn’t thrilled. The change of life style, putting off their dreams, it all crashes down on him. One thing leads to another and Savannah leaves. Collin becomes desperate to find her but when he does the two have a long road before them.

This story is more than a romance. The author takes the reader into the dark world of drug addiction and recovery, abuse, feelings of low self-worth and more. I felt a deep connection to Savannah and Collin but more towards Collin. He’s a loving husband who adores his wife. Instead of giving him a chance Savannah jumped the first boat out of town. She had her reasons but few had anything to do with Collin. In fact I really didn’t like Savannah but it takes an excellent author to bring out those feelings in me.

Tear Tracks is an amazing read!

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  1. What a bummer you didnt like Savannah! Its sad it doesnt sound like these two got a HEA.

    1. I didn't like her character but her place in the story was excellent.