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Friday, June 5, 2015

The Revelation Room by Mark Tilbury Review

Outstanding debut novel by author Mark Tilbury. I have only recently been introduced to this novelist but can't wait to read more!

My review:
The Revelation Room is one heck of a psychological thriller for debut author Mark Tilbury. In the story Ben and Maddie team up to search for Ben’s missing father. Their trail leads them to Edward Ebb and a cult The Sons and Daughters of Salvation. In order to find and save Ben’s father the two join the cult.

Tilbury gives the reader a glimpse into the minds of each character. Amongst the disturbing terror I found myself laughing at Ben and Maddie’s inner thoughts. It’s a glimpse many authors don’t afford when writing from a third person point of view but Tilbury does it well. He breathes life into each character through their inner thoughts, dialogue and imperfections or weaknesses.

I enjoyed his dark humor, witty descriptions of each terror filled page. A book worthy or reading again – before book 2 comes out!

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  1. Thank you very much Elle. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the book and that you found the dark humour funny. I best get on with editing the 2nd book!

    All the best,