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Friday, January 22, 2016

Defying Darkness by Thanna A. Setliff Book Review

I purchased this book when it was first released in December and finally found the time to sit and read it. It is a must for lovers of paranormal fiction of all kinds.

My review:

Dorian a ranger zeroes in on a vampire with a soul. She is starved and in trouble so curiosity and concern take over and he feels the urge to save her. That’s how Dorian and Maire meet. Throughout the story I fell in love with the electricity between them. Defying Darkness isn’t the usual vampire tale.

The author works her magic using folklore and twists to keep the reader pinned to the pages. She has an imagination that begs attention. And carefully plots and weaves a story that plays out on the mind of the reader. Through description and accented thoughts and conversation she adds realism and charm to each character.

This story is more than a paranormal romance. The intrigue and suspense levels are off the charts. It is an amazing start and a fabulous debut for author Thanna A. Setliff.

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