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Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Company for Authors

As an author, I often blog information for authors. Today's post is about a new company that offers a variety of services for authors.

They offer everything from editing and cover design to marketing.

I often see authors struggling to find a good editor and finding one is difficult. I'd say I've gotten lucky but not everyone is, and there's so many forms of editing.

When I published As Snow Falls I had no idea and didn't know any editors so I used createspace services. OK, no complaints the editor did what I asked but no one informed me about the differences in types of editing. Now, working on my ninth book I know all about editing and the various types and how important each one is. As an author they are all needed to publish the best book, one that readers want.

Book covers is another monster. Everyone wants you to buy their designs, problem is some of the designers don't have rights to the pictures they use or the cover just doesn't cut it. A good cover catches the eye of the reader before anything else so its important to have a great design.

Marketing is a nightmare. I've learned a trick or two but don't always have the time. Sometimes I weigh my options for the day, market or write. Most days I choose to write so having someone help market books is one less thing the author needs to worry about.

Here's a list of their services.

This post isn't only for authors. The company is new and still looking for high-quality employees. Click here for more info.

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