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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jennifer Reynolds Shifter Book Review

My audio fetish continues. My latest audio review is Jennifer Reynolds Shifter narrated by Margi Stephens. I just finished it and loved it so much I had to write up the review immediately.

My review:

Shifter by Jennifer Reynolds is an incredibly entertaining paranormal romance and Margi Stephens voice brings the book alive as she narrates and changes her tone and voice for each character and specific dialog.

It’s set in the southern U.S. I’m not a native born southerner but have spent twenty five years living in various southern states and found the language and innuendos hilarious. For that reason, it had a Sookie Stackhouse feel to it.

Abby is a homebody, even works from home. She suffered a horrible, abusive past relationship and has succumbed to living a life alone. Her self-esteem is lower than the ground she walks on. She sees herself as overweight, and feels no man would ever be seriously interested in her. Daily she talks with her sister and friends, but that’s the limit to her socialization. One morning she has an overwhelming need to get her cat Sabastian a companion, only the cat she picks out isn’t a normal cat.

I adored the way parts of the story through the cat’s perspective. I’ve owned many cats and often wondered what was going through their minds so found the cat’s thoughts hysterical.
Dimitri is a gorgeous shifter who did a witch wrong, he pays the price. Over the course of the book, he changes and becomes a lot more humble. He was never a bad guy just not the most caring or responsible.

This book was hard to put down and I found myself hungry for more when it ended.

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