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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Midnight Burning by Karissa Laurel Audiobook Review

Refreshing, creative and suspenseful!

My Review:

This story had me intrigued and hooked from the start. Solina travels to Alaska after her twin brothers death. She's driven to learn more and haunted by nightmres involving a wolf. Once there she hooks up with her brother Mani's friends and searches for clues to his death. No one is forthcoming. In fact they all seem a little shady as if they're covering something up and insist she go home and have an intense need to protect her. But she's stubborn and one track minded. Dead set on learning what happened to her brother she stays,continuing her quest and finds more than what happened to Mani.

First, I love the setting. I've never been to Alaska but the author's brief, solid descriptions make me feel as though I have. The suspense factor in this book is high too. From one chapter to the next I had to continue listening. The author uses great pacing only revealing a little at a time, slowly thickening the plot.

The narrator was a perfect match for me. Good quality and she used great pacing.

On my list for best books I listened to in 2016!


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