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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Shadow Sight by EJ Stevens Audiobook Review

Worth the listen.

My Review

This was fun listen. Ivy is a psychic detective with second sight. She see's the monsters for who they are and can't touch anything without seeing its past. She lives in Harboursmouth where plenty of creatures mingle in the streets.

When a demon walks into her and best friend Jinx detective agency her life gets even crazier. He's been hired by a type of Fae when their king disappears. They want her to find an item of his. In her search she gets distracted and doesn't spend a lot of time looking for it instead she spends more time warning other supernaturals and gaining their assistance. 

It was another type of Fae who kidnapped the other's king and they are ruthless and ready to attack Harboursmouth. 

It started a little slow but picked up after the first few chapters. Where I kept getting lost was her in depth descriptions of all the various types of Fae and other monsters. I really just needed to know about the ones directly involved with the story not every one she saw and it's history etc. I adore the author's imagination but trying to keep track of them all was a brain blast that detracted from the actual story. Sometimes less is better.

I enjoyed listening to the narrator and think she was a good fit for the story.


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