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Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Patchwork Man by DB Martin Audiobook Review

Clever story that's most definitely worth listening too!


This story is about Lawrence Juste, a lawyer who is brought a young man Danny who is accused of a crime. His job is to get Danny off. As he digs into the case more and more is revealed starting with his life as a child.

When Lawrence was just a child his parents had too many children and little means to take care of them all. The government stepped in and split up the children. Lawrence went to a home along with other of his siblings and while there learns life the hard way. As the story progresses more of his life and its secrets are revealed.

The story is clever and suspenseful. Not nail biting suspenseful but enough to pique the reader/listener and keep them posted. The plot unravels like a slow death to Lawrence. There are elements in the story many authors wouldn't broach but this author did and with taste.

The narrator Rob Groves does a great job. His voice is easy and steady. I wish he'd changed his pacing more to match the story but overall no complaints. This is an excellent story and written well. 

I definitely recommend this book to readers who enjoy mystery, suspense and thrillers!


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