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Friday, April 14, 2017

Burned by J. Nichole Parkins

Wow! Excellent romance with all the elements I love!

My Review:

Absolutely amazing! And there's a book 2!

Kyra is a shifer but not just any shifter, she's an all black panther with the ability to set things on fire. That scares her a little and she has no control over it. Her background is a little shady and filled with terror but she's a strong woman. Kyra works for the FBI and she and partner Spencer are investigating a string of murders that involve some type of preternatural being that destroys the bodies to get to the bones. 

Along with the investigation, she meets Daniel, a human and sparks start to fly. To complicate matters her ex boyfriend Gavin finds her after seven years of searching. This story is so well rounded; relationships, romance, suspense, mystery and an author who has a gift to build a vibrant and complex story that grabbed me immediately. 

As a Floridian I love that it's set in Tampa Bay. I pictured the city and west coast as if I was there, This book is amazing on its own but the narrator is perfect. Great pacing and quality. She gives even more character to the story.


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