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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What's Left of my World by C.A. Rudolf Audiobook

This had a slow start but turned out to be a great novel.

My Review:

The world has changed, electricity is gone. No cell phones, email or social media. There's two types of people left the preppers and takers. The peppers are those who are prepared in some way and have readied themselves for disaster. They know how to survive and are self sufficient. The takers take from others in order to survive. Lauren's family are preppers. They moved from the suburbs to a mountain cabin in a small community of other preppers and they take care of each other.

The story is a very realistic view of what the world could become and a survival guide at the same time. It started out slow but once the action picked up it became exciting and suspenseful. The author thought of everything and kept a nice pace after the first few chapters. My largest complaint listening is wanting more details on how it started.

The narrator was good and had good pacing.

It's a great story for anyone who loves adventure and action.


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