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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Z-Day: Day of the Zombies by Mark Cusco Ailes

Beware of zombies, they're everywhere.

My Review:

The zombie apocalypse is here and this town and running wild as the occupants work to get out of town without being eaten. There's always a zombie around the corner, behind the door and their backs. And not only human zombies but animals. 

The town harbors a zombie park. When they get out, everything goes wild. The action alone kept me on the edge. The story includes several characters and jumped quite a bit from one group to the next. At first that was a bit confusing and I didn't feel as much connection with the characters as I like but there;s enough gore and action I enjoyed it.

I loved the opening with  all the zombie growling but wasn't so much fond of all the voices. The female's didn't sound female and there were so many characters it was hard to tell them apart by voice alone.

It's a solid story, gory, and suspenseful! 

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