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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Desiree's Detective by Manuela Cardiga and Desiree Cronson

I must post a warning: Expect tears of hysterics and tightened abs caused by fits of laughter.

Manuela Cardiga is an exceptionally talented author whose list of talents don't stop there. She is also a talented graphic artist as can be seen on her covers and the cover on my book Eye of the Storm Eilida's Tragedy. And a humble person and history buff.

She shared with me the history behind the story. Yes, the story is fictional but there are tidbits based on truth. 

In the story Louis XIV queen has a black child born to her. In history this truly happened. She claimed the reason was due to the dwarf jester giving her a fright when she was pregnant. The king was sad as the princess was very beautiful. The child was sent to a convent as in the Desiree's Detective. This information came Madam de Montespan's diaries.

Loius XIV had a passion for his grand daughter in law Jean de Becu and she becomes the Kings official mistress. Can't give away spoilers so you're going to have to read and find out if this is in the story.

Here is my review

Desiree’s Detective is a quick, fun, sexy read. The setting is eighteenth century Paris. Desiree is a young somewhat naïve girl who attempts to solve the palace mystery, murdered court jesters, in place of her cousin Noelle. Noelle is a self-absorbed young woman who’s about her beauty and station in life. She’s hired as the palace detective but becomes easily side-tracked with a young man. 

Manuela Cardiga designs characters and situations that kept me laughing as I turned each page. Their sexual escapades are masterfully crafted and hilarious.  The short is loaded with subplots such as the philandering king and queen who love sex but not with each other. They both want a child – an heir to the throne and attempt a comical solution. Desiree’s a virgin whose sexual naiveté gets her into precarious situations.

For the reader who desires to spend a few hours in fits of laughter.

Where to find Manuela and her books
Amazon U.S.- Maneula Cardiga
Amazon U.K 

Desiree's Detective

Amazon U.S- Desire's Detective
Amazon U.K.
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