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Monday, April 6, 2015

Jeniann Bowers - The Lighter Side of Silliness Review

I was provided the opportunity through Double Decker Books ot review Poetry: The Lighter Side of Silliness. It's no secret I love Jeniann Bower's poetry and have read most her books.

This poetry book is different in the sense it's sole purpose is to share fun and leave the reader smiling.

My review:

Poetry: The Lighter Side of Silliness is exactly as the name suggests, silly and fun. It is a short read filled with crazy little poems such as Stinky Toes, Balloons, and Scary Nights. Each is a handcrafted anecdote related to the author’s children and their home life. I found myself grinning and laughing unable to put the book down. Instead I had to turn the page and move onto the next poem. I have read many of Jeniann Bower’s books and loved each one.  This one has a feel similar to Collection of 25 days of Christmas Poetry in the sense it’s carefree and whimsical.  It’s a great read for any day and a pick-me-up when the day doesn’t start off on the right foot.

Warning – be prepared to smile.

Blurb: Poetry: The Lighter Side of Silliness

 Spring Dance

Rain falls at my feet,
Splish, Splash,
What a treat
Spring bash

Spring is here
With a cheer
That old man winter is gone
Up at dawn
To splish and splash
Mud puddle dash

Where to Find The Lighter Side of Silliness:
Amazon-Poetry: The Lighter Side of Silliness
Amazon U.K.

A few places to find Jeniann
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